Domina Livia’s Saturnalia Hints for Young Matrons II

A wise matron’s advice and guidance on how to survive the five day season of Saturnalia with domestic joy and harmony…

Unsuitable Gifts

To prevent your beloved from buying you something so ugly as to render you speechless with rage it is always simplest to write him a list of your requirements – with shop, price, size, colour, type etc.

If he bridles a little, dangle the season ticket for the arena you are going to procure for him to sweeten the pill. (As for the ticket. Your Pater can provide that. After all it was his idea that you married this particular gem of masculinity.)

As to the rest of his and your assorted relatives. Markus and Spensarium are very good about issuing refunds or credit notes in the days following Saturnalia…

If his mother has been so crass as to shop somewhere else you have little option but to burn the offending item as soon as Pontius returns to his place of employment 

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