Granny Knows Best – Kitchen Knives

How many kitchen knives does anyone actually need?

Hands up all you daft buggers who own sets of ‘chef’s knives’.

In wooden blocks or hanging on magnets.

Twenty-three mild steel knives you have to sharpen if you so much as look at them…

Twenty-three silent testaments to your gullibility.

Twenty-three knives of which you use probably none.

My late unlamented was a chef by profession (his cooking being one of the reasons I put up with his presence for so long). He used three knives – and one of them was solely for threatening people who wandered into the kitchen.

You need a big knife and a little one.

That’s it.

You can now have a collection of Granny’s inimitable insights of your very own in Granny Knows Best.

One thought on “Granny Knows Best – Kitchen Knives

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  1. You need a lot more unless you want to spend your cooking time washing knives.

    We probably have that many – and they get used. Some can go through the dishwasher, the better ones need to be hand-washed. The husband sharpens them and uses them a lot more than I do for cooking, but I probably use quite a few – and it takes the dishwasher days to fill up and get run.

    If you DON’T use them, go ahead and give them away – kitchen knives are useful to people who are being given their first apartment: good ones aren’t cheap. 🙂


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