Out Today – Another Book of a Hundred Drabbles

A hundred stories of a hundred words from the combined quills of Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook.

Happy Never After

It was the divorce of the decade. Two A-listers whose marriage had been ecstatically happy, were on the rocks. Mainstream and social media were in feeding frenzy. Fans scanned the words in his books and her songs, finding subtle knives aimed at each other.
They met for the last time before the divorce became final on a publicised mediation weekend in a secret location.
“I’m going to miss you,” she said, as she lay in his arms.
“Me too. Just think of the sales so far and how much free advertising we’ll have when we get back together next year.”


A Hundred Lashes

“A hundred lashes”, the old man with the dead eyes intoned. The accused woman swayed in the dock.
Her court-appointed lawyer studied his knotted hands in silence. He had just heard an effective death sentence, but he accounted his skin of more worth than hers.
Shocked silence hung like a shredded sail, broken only by the sound of the heavy footfalls of the execution squad.
Ten masked men, armed to the teeth, into whose care her captors gave her.
Their leader looked down into her eyes.
“You are with child?”
She nodded.
He shot the judge between his eyes.


You can snag the book here to enjoy the other ninety-eight…

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