New Year’s Eve

I swear that I blinked
And missed how
This year just went past,
I’m sure that I sang
Auld Lang Syne
This weekend gone, or last.

But the calendar
Pages prove,
With every crossed-out day
That yet one more year
For us all
Has somehow crept away.

A moment ago
Twas summer
With days of endless sun
But now the weather’s
Cold and wet
Being out is less fun.

I do not think I
Autumn when it was here,
It must have slipped past
As spring did
In the whirl of the year.

But looking back to
All the things I have done,
Since last New Year did
Our orbit round the sun,

It suddenly seems
How much has taken place.
Those days that went by
Were packed full
Crammed at a break-neck pace.

So I glance at the
And heed what the clock read,
But remind myself
They tell lies
Time is all in my head.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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