Corrupted Carols – Ten

Classic songs for the festive season, cheerfully and irreverently reimagined for you by the Working Title Blog…

(To be sung softly and temperately to the tune of Away in a Manger)

When I left the nightclub
I had a thick head
I stumbled down the pavement
In search of a bed

The lights in the puddles
Looked sparkling and gay
So I found a quiet corner
And down I did lay

The policeman poked me
So that I came awake
‘Get up and go home now
Hurry up, for fuck’s sake’

But I feeling bleary
Had nothing to lose
So I opened my lips
And threw up on his shoes

He was not a happy
Nor a tolerant man
So I found myself
In the back of a van

When I left the nightclub
I was so far from well
That intemperance cost me
A night in the cells

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