Author Feature: In a Quarter of a Second and the Glowing Rings by Anita Kirk

In In a Quarter of a Second and the Glowing Rings by Anita Kirk, a group of teenagers who already had a time-travelling adventure to save people in the future, find themselves travelling through time again. They need to find a key that may or may not save the world, using many magical items such as a 3D map to help them find their way, rainbow buttons that may help them, jars with useful items inside, silver petals to transport them, pen wigs that help keep them safe, oil ball coins full of useful fluid, they also travel inside of a bubble under the water to a secret place, and they use reflectorglass eyes goggles to turn into who they like, there is also love in the air, they enter through crisp bags, and much more to save the world from the Windowirs.
Will the world be saved twice, and how will they manage to tackle all of the obstacles and major problems that are stopping them from achieving their goals?

The bowlers got more claps and wows than the opposition team.

The bowlers looked at Alf, uneasy whispering to each other, what a waste of time the game was to just win a pen each.

All the items that they had drawn on the paper started to come alive out of the paper appearing in front of them.

The bowlers stepped back like they were frightened , with their jaws dropping at what they were seeing, talking about how shocked they were, among themselves, how could this happen.

Alf asked both teams to enter inside their drawing, to pick an item or a piece out of their drawing for Alf and the audience to decide which team should win.

A Bite of… Anita Kirk                            

Do you see writing as an escape from the sorrows of existence, an exercise in futility, or an excuse to tell lies and get paid for it? Or is there another option…

I enjoy writing because it is my passion away from the real world.                                             

Have you ever written somebody you know into a book? A lover? A friend? An enemy?

I wrote my book thinking about my mum, she has written two children’s books and she inspired me to have a go at writing, and I found out that I love it, and up to know I have not written anybody that I know in my books.

If you could meet one person (alive or dead) who would you choose? And what would you talk about? And what do you bring d a gift?                                                        

I would love to speak with my grandparents again and ask them about what they went through in the war and write about their experiences, but it is too late because they are in heaven.

Anita Kirk lives in the United Kingdom. She loves line dancing, swimming, writing, television programs, films, gardening, holidays, socialising, walking and reading. Her other books up to now are Christmas Sparkles and Sexy Shenanigans. She has got many more books to come that will be available soon.
Anita works full time and enjoys writing in her spare time. She loves reading any new reviews showing that people are enjoying reading her books, it gives me so much pleasure. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

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