There are people who live in a convenient world
So much more convenient than mine
If they have a problem they know how to fix it
Their world spins along again fine

They have Amazon Echos and blue-tooth devices
Phones that are smarter than me
I tell them I need something done and they
Say “Use this app. That should do it, you’ll see.”

But I live in a world where technology faltered
And ground to a halt times ago
My phone is not smart, and nor is my dwelling
My downloading speed is too slow

And most of the time that is how I prefer it
Convenience that works right for me
But they don’t understand when I say I can’t do things
They take for granted to be

I like to think it is not generational
As many of all ages surf
I prefer to consider it is more vocational
I choose to live down to earth.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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