Domina Livia’s Saturnalia Hints for Young Matrons I

A wise matron’s advice and guidance on how to survive the five day season of Saturnalia with domestic joy and harmony…

Decorating the Atrium for Saturnalia 

First of all remove everything of value – be it sentimental or monetary. 

Roll up the carpet and hide it someplace. Cover the furniture with cheap and cheerful fabric – for preference printed with witty Saturnalia cartoons. If you have glass doors be sure to spray them with artificial snow or some such rubbish or your husband’s cousin from the boondocks will walk into them in a state of drunken stupor.

And finally. Under no circumstances allow the introduction of mistletoe into the room. It is a Druidic symbol which is the reason you can give for banning it – the real reason is that the families can be licentious enough without a ‘kissing bough’.

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