There never was a better time
Nor yet a better place
To make your play, up your game
And thus win every race
Today is always here, but look
Tomorrow comes apace
You need to make your mark right now
Or vanish with no trace.

You can’t procrastinate too long
Time will catch you lazing
Posterity won’t hang around
You’ve got to be amazing
You have to stand out from the crowd
No time to sit a gazing
You’ll be forgot unless the world
Follows the trail you’re blazing.

So then your comet brightly flares
But when it’s course is run
You can’t sit back, relax and chill
Or take time to have fun
You have to keep on pumping up
Keep on, keeping on
Or someone else will steal your place
And your day will be done.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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