Drabble Competition Honourable Mention

To celebrate our third birthday at the beginning of July, the Working Title Blog held a drabble writing competition.

As it is our third birthday competition we have three Honourable Mentions. This one is from Rob Edwards.

Tea-time arrived without resolution. Glares became words; jostling escalated into pushing. Eventually, justicemen escorted them before wise King Volodon.

He studied the source of contention. “Whose cake is this?”

“Mine, my lord,” declared Mrs Drizzle.

“Not hers. I baked tirelessly all day,” countered Victoria.

“Using produce stolen from our farm,” her nemesis spluttered. “Changing ownership requires more than applying heat!”

Royal consideration mulled both sides carefully. “We must simply divide yon dessert, bisecting with sharpened sword.”

Miss Sponge nodded, yet goodwife Lemon cried in horror.

“True passion reveals perfect justice! Bring forth a second cake. Bestow it upon that virtuous farmer”


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