Do you remember when life was a mystery?
When all of your doings had never been done?
When every song spoke of promise and wonder
And things you’d imagine of times that would come.

And if you remember when life was still mystery
Your heart it did beat to so different a drum.
All lay ahead as intrigue and adventure
And hints of the way that your future would run.

And then when you parted the veil of life’s mystery
Stepped oe’r the threshold and sailed on its seas
Did you forget how it felt to anticipate
When you had no notion of how life would be?

And as you explored the world and life’s mystery
Carved out your path in the way that you pleased
Did you succeed in all that you wanted to?
Or were you defeated and brought to your knees?

When left by the waves on the shores of life’s mystery
Are you shipwrecked? Abandoned? Or sitting at ease?
Are you one of the ones who’s unlocked life’s mystery?
Or are you still hoping to find just one key?

E.M. Swift-Hook

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