The Rabid Readers Review ‘5 Minute Vacations’ by Cindy Tomamichel

The Rabid Readers Review 5 Minute Vacations by Cindy Tomamichel.

Recharge Your Batteries or Find an Inner Calm

‘Silence and peace dominate, here far from the city lights where the winds are calm, where thoughts can unravel and find their true paths.’

These ‘Five Minute Vacations’ are brief descriptions of a usually soothing, often interesting, sometimes challenging, sensory-rich location or event. They range from mountain views to deserts, from floating on a river to home scents and sounds of baking in the kitchen. Written in the second person, the author addresses the reader directly, drawing you into the scene as someone experiencing it.
Self-revelation here, I was able to ‘test-drive’ this book whilst I was under quite extreme stress in my life. They were certainly not a panacea for that, but they really were a wonderful way of both distracting and calming myself. I combined them with slow breathing and relaxation, reading a vacation, then relaxing and drawing the images and sensations from the vacation into my mind. I think had I been able to have someone read them to me – or had a voice to text option – they would have been even more effective.

‘Peace flows through and from you, as the moon glows bright, a circle of light guiding your steps along the darkened shore towards home…’

I had some favourites, not to list them all but ‘The Book Shop’ and ‘Raft’ stood out for me in particular. The main downside I found was that occasionally I was being asked to experience things that didn’t resonate with me. For example, as a single person, I did struggle a bit in those ‘vacations’ which bestowed a partner upon me. I found it more difficult to enter into those. I could imagine that some people who didn’t want a partner, cat or a young child, might find a few of these more difficult to access.
Overall I can thoroughly recommend this little book of delightful and relaxing meditation-vacations. Try them and see!

E.M. Swift-Hook

Stress busting in little bites.

These five-minute vacations are designed to lift the reader out of the everyday hustle and bustle and bring a space of calm reflection. As a person who rarely feels stress or bustle, I’m not the ideal candidate for a book of meditations or contemplations.
However. I can appreciate good writing when I read it and I can enjoy small immersive scenes.
This being the case, I liked the book quite a lot finding it easy to drift into the calm warmth of the little bites of happiness.
My three favourite Vacations were, Book Shop, Soup and Kitchen Love. I suspect you will find your own.
Four stars and recommended.

Jane Jago

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