EM-Drabbles – Forty-Eight

The LSS Ammonite, it’s cogs and sprockets whirring, emerged from the wormhole. Captain Omen watched three moons come into view, through the goldfish-bowl viewing window.

“Full cheese ahead!” The science officer sang out.

“Speed,” Omen snapped, “It’s speed, man, not cheese.”

“Well technically it’s ‘full steam ahead’,” observed the pilot. “We’re steam powered with a clockwork warp drive.”

“Whatever. But ‘cheese’ is wrong.”

“Sensors disagree with you, captain,” the science officer said. “That moon’s composed of full-fat cream cheese.”

Omen sighed. He really hated living in a steampunk novel. The longer the story went on the more ridiculous it got.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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