In Verse

Out today on Leap Year day In Verse – a collection of poems by Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook with nearly one hundred poems about the vicissitudes of life, the wonders of nature, thoughts on philosophy and aspects of relationships. It has been four years in the collecting.

Here are a couple of poems from the collection for you to enjoy.


We’ve got a lovely bus shelter,
Though, sadly, there’s no bus
The service stopped in ninety-three
And no one made a fuss
We used to have a village pub
A warm, convivial place
They closed the doors one Saturday
And left without a trace
The post office and village shop
Could not be made to pay
So the man took all the stock
And bloody ran away
We have no doctors surgery
No dentist and no vet
We used to have a betting shop
But the middle class don’t bet
We do have Chelsea tractors
And Ocado bringing dairy
We used to be a village
Now we’re just a dormitory



My Neighbour’s House

I don’t live in my neighbour’s house
We are a wall apart
But I know when she’s very cross
And when she breaks her heart.

And she must hear the many times 
I’ve watched my sports team win
My cheers and whoops and shouts of joy
Must make quite a din.

I knew the day her man took off
She threw things all around.
And the day her brother died
She didn’t make a sound.

Then things must have changed a lot 
I heard a baby cry
Now there’s nappies on the line
But I don’t want to pry.

We never talk or try to talk
And I don’t plan to start.
I don’t live in my neighbour’s house
We are a wall apart.


In Verse is available now in ebook or paperback.

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