Write a Short Story in a month? Challenge Accepted!

Write a short story about a disabled person that is set in a futuristic or fantasy setting!

Too often those who are disabled or different become sidelined in speculative fiction or their issues are masked or ‘magic-ed away’ by technology or – well – magic. It is very rare for a story set in a sci-fi or fantasy universe to be truly inclusive.

This anthology is challenging that – big time!

If you write short stories and want to explore the importance of inclusion in your idea of the future, this is the anthology for you. It’s a charity anthology (this means there is no payment being offered for any submission) with all profits from sales benefiting the Special Olympics .

Theme: The main character must be disabled and succeed through their own efforts and without normalizing (i.e. undoing their disabilities). This book is about celebrating the people who exist today and making them represented in the future and in other worlds.

Every MC must be disabled and yet resolve the crisis they are thrust into. The key element is to show a physically or mentally disabled/different character has no bar to being a great protagonist.

Age level: should be no racier than PG 13

Length: 1500-7500 words (soft cap in the case of a truly excellent story)

Deadline: January 31, 2019

Send submissions to stephanieebarr@Dragonfaeriecreative.org with the
subject: Disabled Heroes

Format: Word .doc/.docx file, 1″ margins, 12-14pt Times (or other serif font), double-spaced, contact info and word count on first page, running header w/name, title, page #, etc. The usual stuff. And please include your name and the story title in the filename. Reprints can be submitted if you (a) have the rights and (b) it fits our criteria. (If this bit troubles you, don’t worry there is a template for the required format available through the FB group).

For more information, to support the venture or if you need help with your submission, please ask to join our Facebook Group.


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