Jane Jago’s Daily Drabble – One Hundred and Twenty-Two

The woman was in a pitiable state. Somebody had tied her wrists behind her and dragged her through the mud behind a horse. The magistrate looked severely at the guard captain.

The man shrugged.

“Witchfinder’s orders.”

“Is she accused of witchcraft?”

“No. Lewd behaviour.”

The magistrate sighed.

“Well untie her, man.”

The guard hustled to do his bidding, then he spoke.

“Case dismissed.” 

The woman’s face came alive, and he threw her a purse of small coin. 

“Money to feed your children.”

She clutched the purse and ran.

The magistrate mentally castigated the coldhearted witchfinder before getting back to business.

©️jj 2019

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