Author Feature – from ‘Liberator’ by Darren Bullock and Nick Bailey

Liberator (The Liberators Book 1) is a fast-paced, page-turning military sci-fi by Darren Bullock and Nick Bailey.

JJ was standing on the north landing pad as Orlanda’s dropship flew in, the surrounding graznia palm fronds waving frenetically in the ship’s downdraft. The craft thumped down, the ramp lowered and Orlanda came stamping out. Two NCT troopers stood at the ramp’s base and assumed guard positions; entirely unnecessary, JJ thought, but he understood it was done for the look of the thing.

When Orlanda reached him, she hugged him unexpectedly. “Thank you for agreeing to help, Colonel,” she said. “I really don’t want my father involved if I can avoid it; the fallout would be unbearable, and the cost to Skye astronomical. If she’s still alive.”

JJ was sure she was grinding her teeth. “You’re Liberators, both of you. Of course we’ll help, lass. And drop the colonel, we haven’t used ranks since everyone left. I’m in charge by default because no one else wanted to do it.” JJ grinned lopsidedly and placed a hand on Orlanda’s shoulder as she stepped back. “We’ve contacted as many people as we could find; we may have to wait a little while for folks to arrive, but that’s unavoidable. We should be able to pull a full crisis team, Truth willing.”

“The Truth can go fuck itself, Sir. No offence, but it’ll be people with guns that get this done,” Orlanda replied.

“Aye, girl, it will at that. Let’s get inside and make sure the guns are clean and the people are dirty, then,” JJ said, still grinning, which earned a smile in return. “Your men can stay here if they want to get some R&R.”

“No, they need to go back. I can cover this up for a while, but if the strike team are away and there’s an emergency I’d be fucked and my father would be on my ass like a rash.”

“That’s a pretty colourful image that I’m not going to think about too hard, if that’s okay.”

Orlanda went still. “What’s wrong with my ass?” Her expression was deadpan.

“Same old, same old, eh?” JJ said, and laughed, making her laugh a little too.

Orlanda turned and signalled that the ship could go. A man brought out a holdall and put it at Orlanda’s feet, saluted, then ushered the guards back into the craft.

“Let’s get inside. Actually, I’ve got a job for you right away,” JJ said as the engines roared and the ship lifted away.

Orlanda picked up her bag and followed. “Okay, let’s get this stowed and you can run that past me. Who are we expecting to come?” she asked.

“We’re still working on that; so far we’ve got responses from Drey, Toran, Slay…” JJ began. When he got to Shan, there was a clang as Orlanda dropped her bag.

Darren Bullock in his own words:
I was enthralled by science-fiction growing up. It was everywhere – television, film, and books, but oddly enough it wasn’t sci-fi that drew me to writing. While my great friend and co-author Nick Bailey was ploughing through piles of 2000 A.D. I was searching out the next Commando Comic and I vaguely recall reading a tattered old copy of The Eagle has Landed. I later moved on to a bit of sci-fi and some light horror/thrillers. Those are the books that made my mind race, filling it with fantastic words and descriptions.
When I met Nick, we put our heads together and started our own military sci-fi comic (which crashed at the third page)
But now some time later, through a labour of love... Liberator is born. And now our follow up endeavor — Dust Publishing.
Proving that old printers like me, don’t just look at the pictures.
You can follow Darren on Twitter and Facebook.
Nick Bailey not in his own words:
Nick was born at a very young age, in an uneventful corner of the West Midlands, England. Star Wars came out when he was six years old, and his path was set. He met lifelong friend, and co-author of Liberator - Darren Bullock, at school and then things just got worse. They had to write made-up stories just to stave off the boredom of existence, so it was inevitable that books would end up published.
At 45 years old, he should probably be concentrating on a proper job, but writing is too much fun, and he isn't stopping now.
Since this is the internet, it should probably be noted that he likes cats, dogs, long walks on the beach, and blowing up spaceships.
Nick assures us that he is, in fact, still alive.
You can find Nick on Twitter and the Dust Publishing website.


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