A Bite of… Orlanda Nixon

Orlanda Nixon is one of the great characters you can meet in the military sci-fi Liberator (The Liberators Book 1) by Darren Bullock and Nick Bailey.

Here is a recent interview between Charisma Stone of the Independent News Network and Orlanda Nixon a CEO in the Nixon Combined Technologies Corporation and former member of the Liberators.

The shows titles flash up on screens and HUDs all over Sanset Zukon and beyond. Slick words mixed with celebrity names and exotic worlds coupled with glossy pictures and video images of far flung places cram the viewing area. Eventually a number of shots sweep around a digital studio then zoom in on the host of the show with her first guest.

The host beams at her audience down the lens.

“Hello and welcome to tonight’s special episode of Shine a Light. As you can see I’m not Kelly Brightwheel, they are very unfortunately indisposed this week. This being the case, I am in fact Charisma Stone, your guest host for tonight in what I’ve decided to call ‘Stone Chips’. We’re going to put some quick-fire and hopefully illuminating questions to persons note in this week’s media. For the next few minutes my first victim, ha-ha, is the Nixon Combined Technologies heiress — Orlanda Nixon.”

Orlanda Nixon, dressed immaculately in a white pinstripe suit, nods cordially and smiles. “Ha-ha, yes good evening, Charisma. I was not expecting to see you this evening.”

Charisma slips right in to interview mode. “No, well I am known for surprising my guests. So Orlanda, we’ve spoken before at length on my, investigative program ‘Carved INN Stone’.”

Miss Nixon looks intrigued. “Yes. Indeed we have.”

Charisma continues. “That time it was about some of your more interesting escapades, but let’s start off with an easy one. Could you tell us — do you do it just for the money?”

Orlanda almost snorts. “Ah, the money question. Well no, I primarily do my job because I love it. You see not only are NCT a multi system educational, support and supply corporation, but we also bring humanitarian aid to over one hundred worlds. And as an important asset to NCT, I strive to be at the cutting edge of the business, with my close friend Skye Pennington. It is my passion.”

The camera pulls in for a close up of Charisma as she raises an eyebrow. “Cutting edge, yes. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve felt overwhelmed or out of your depth?”

“No, never. Even if it’s something I’ve never encountered before, I have a very level headed approach to everything.” Orlanda replies.

The director pulls in for a tight shot of Charisma’s eyes focusing hard on Orlanda’s expression. “Even at NuBosko?”

Orlanda doesn’t flinch. “Ha yes, even at NuBosko. Everything was certainly levelled out there. Charisma, I thought we were going to see your lighter side tonight?” She looks down the live camera lens.

“Absolutely and on that very note, we’ve just had a question that’s come in from Coppernoob. Where did you get your clothes from tonight?” Charisma looks up from her linkpad.

Orlanda visibly brightens at the question. “Well, this one has been hand made for me by Elle Maxi, but usually I pick up things from all over. Regal is my favourite right now, but I do have quite a few pieces from…” Charisma attempts to cut her off.

“Do — ”

“And my shoes are fantastic. I picked these up in a place just out of the system near —”

Charisma presses on regardless. “Do you regret anything in your life?”

Orlanda is visibly put out, but replies. “No. I wouldn’t say regret at all. I would like to review a couple of things, to make some minor tweaks, but no.”

“Things, such as?”

“Places I should have been.” Orlanda says. “People I should have handled differently.”

Charisma tests the water and digs a little deeper. “Do you think you could you reconcile them now, or in the future?”

“They’ve already been reconciled. As for the future — it’s looking bright.” Miss Nixon looks like she’s about to begin closing the interview down.

Charisma changes tack. “Let’s take another question from our audience — when you’ve been involved in hostile takeovers, what’s it like to handle such a long powerful weapon? That’s from Slaymar.

Orlanda frowns, and with a slight shake of her head answers. “Well, Slaymar. The weapons are — dead easy to handle. Some of the tools can be a bit fat headed though. Some of them might look bigger than they are, especially when you’ve got small hands.”

“Do you actually know this viewer?”

“Some really small, tiny hands — Sorry. Let us just say, I know where he lives.”

“Now, Orlanda, you’ve been a stalwart representative of your family’s company for a many years. Do you find it difficult with your father being a major stockholder and of course your boss?”

“Not at all. My father is a very fair and excellent boss. I’m treated much the same as the other CEOs, there’s no favouritism. Pushing for mega-corporation status is a tricky business and we all have to be pushing in the same direction.

Charisma glances off set then says. “Okay, we’re almost out of time so, moon or stars?”

“Whatever I shoot for, Charisma, I never miss.”

It looks as if Charisma is steeling herself for her last question. “And finally then — as well as Nixon Combined, in the past, you’ve had an association with a Private Military Corporation, the Liberators. Are you currently back working with this defunct group?”

Orlanda smiles. “Now I couldn’t tell you even if I was, could I?”

Charisma leans forwards in her seat. “Recent reports have it that the PMC has been involved in a huge, messy altercation with —

“That’s enough Ms. Stone, this interview’s over.” Orlanda gets up and leaves the set.

You can find out more about Orlanda Nixon and the Liberator crew here.

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