A Bite of… Adal and Arija from ‘Webley and the World Machine’ by Zachary Chopchinski

1. What is the best thing about the world you live in?

Adal: I mean to be completely honest what’s not to like about it? This place is rad! It’s
like some kind of sci-fi movie…but real life. I’ve got this sweet ass bionic arm now and I
can pretty much punch through anything…so…that’s cool.
Arija: Yeah, Adal maybe if you paid more attention in wrestling instead of staring at
yourself in the mirror maybe you wouldn’t need that arm.
Adal: You’re just mad because you didn’t get this sweet upgrade. Don’t be hatin!
Anyway, the Machine is a pretty dope place. I’ve got a bunch of kick ass toys so I can
basically just destroy shit all day. OH, and I get to fly these sweet ass machines…these
flying sacs or whatever the hell their called.
Arija: HA! Right! As long as you’re not peeing yourself and crying for your mommy as
you plummet 50 stories! Listen, the Machine is awesome! The Dwellers there, well they
aren’t really human. They’re mechanical, but sentient. I could just sit on the docs or in
the city of Aparat all day and just draw! In fact you can see some of my art in the book!
Oh and let me tell you about all the scientific discoveries they’ve made! If I could bring
back some of this knowledge to the Topside, we could really solve a lot of humanities

2. There are two of you, so who is the leader?

Adal: Me.
Arija: I am.
*Both stare at each other neither backing down*
Arija: I’m definitely the leader. I’ve got the brains and the shotgun.
Adal: No, I’m the leader. Who saved your ass when that Geartha was about to slice your
head off?
Arija: Oh, you’re bringing that up again? Listen, you got one lucky shot. How many times
a day do I save your ass?
Adal: And what a sweet ass it is.
Arija: *rolls eyes* we can maybe discuss that “sweet ass” at another time…if you admit
I’m the—
Adal: *eyes wide* you’re the leader!
Arija: See? What’d I tell you. I’m the leader.

3. If you could do something else other than saving the world, what would it be?

Adal: Rockstar, no actor, no rockstar. No but seriously, I haven’t thought about it too
much because my old man has always been up my ass about education and a career. To
be honest, if I wasn’t saving the Machine, I’d still want to be here. What would I be
doing? What wouldn’t I be doing? *nudges Arija*
Arija: *rolls eyes* If I wasn’t saving the world, I’d probably be an artist. Maybe
somewhere like Paris or Rome. Maybe I would go back to Israel and draw the places mymother grew up. As long as I could come down to the Machine every now and then to
keep this one in line *points thumb at Adal* I don’t even want to think about the havoc
he’d wreck if it weren’t for me.

You can meet Adal and Arija in a fantabulous steampunk odyssey which has just been released - Webley and the World Machine by Zachary Chopchinski.

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