Winter Giveaway!

There really is something for everyone here. Four fabulous books from two great authors Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook. Four different genres, FREE for five whole days!.

Space Opera: Trust a Few 

You’ve been gone a long time Jaz, and word is you’ve come back – changed.”

After five years of brutal convict military service, Jaz just wants to rebuild his shattered life. But the past is hard to escape. The ‘City has always been a dangerous place to live: now it’s lethal. Not only are the crime lords exploiting its lawless streets, it is also the unwitting test bed for a sinister corporate technology. As Jaz tries to find an old friend who needs him, can a new ally help? Can he even be trusted?

‘Trust A Few’ won gold and bronze awards in two science fiction categories at the Virtual Fantasy Con Awards 2017. It is the first book in ‘Haruspex’, a tense new, sci-fi trilogy from Fortune’s Fools.

‘…a gripping tale of friendship and loyalty set against a backdrop of gritty violence and interstellar intrigue.’

5 Stars – Amazon Review

Alternative History: Dying to be Roman

In the run-up to The Games, elite athletes are being murdered. But when a Roman dies the authorities take notice and it falls to our heroes to discover why and by whom, before the killer strikes again…

Imagine a Britain where Rome never left and a reformed Empire has ruled for two millennia. Technology is a bit more advanced in the present day – and a bit different – but people are the much the same.

 ‘..a cleverly-written, mash-up whodunnit with plenty to think about, laughs a minute, gore galore, two engaging lovers and a permanent sense of déjà vu all over again will adore this book.’

5 Stars – Amazon Review


Epic Fantasy: The Long Game

In a world where politics and violence are almost synonymous, some people will stop at nothing to remain at the top of the food chain. When the Emperor decides to take a hand, it results in the murder of the entire Imperial family, which, in turn, sets off a chain reaction which will imperil the whole of humanity…

‘Gripping good read,well written and different.’

5 Stars – Amazon UK Review

Dystopian: The Barefoot Runners

The world’s women are being rendered infertile in the name of profit. When two young female slaves escape from the clutches of the baby farmers they begin a series of events that has repercussions across civilisation. It will take all their courage to save themselves and the people they come to love.

‘Very good read, right to the last page.’

5 Stars – Amazon UK Review

And BONUS – if you enjoy humorous sci-fi, check out the books of Zachry Wheeler  –  Max and the Multiverse, Max and the Snoodlecock and which are also available free for the weekend!

Take your pick or grab them all - 11 - 16 January. Oh, and tell your friends too!


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