Friday Friends – The Dragon – Lyra Shanti

The Dragon

The mist covered everything in sight. The snow and rocky terrain of the mountains didn’t help either. Unable to see where his feet were taking him, Meddhi felt blind and unprepared.

With a careful step, and then another, he drew shallow breaths as tension rose in his golden-armored chest.

Then, he heard its giant wings flapping in the brisk air. He couldn’t see the creature, but felt it was close.

Readying his long sword toward the sky, Meddhi knew the infamous dark dragon would soon appear.

“Come out, you coward!” he yelled, taunting his invisible foe.

There was only silence. However, Meddhi could have sworn he heard a sound like snarling.

“I know you’re there!” he once again shouted into the mist. It was too quiet for his liking; it felt wrong somehow. “Show yourself!” Suddenly pouncing in front of him

It was too quiet for his liking; it felt wrong somehow. “Show yourself!” Suddenly pouncing in front of him

“Show yourself!”

Suddenly pouncing in front of him came the enormous being with its dark purple wings and black-scaled body. It lunged at Meddhi and pushed him down with its long claws.

“You dare wake me?!” it growled, knocking the sword away from his opponent.

Face to face with the raging dragon of legend, Meddhi could see its eyes. They were deep violet, and hauntingly beautiful. Yet, the fierce pain inside them gave him reason to fear. In a single moment, Meddhi knew that this was a creature who had lost everything, and it would not hesitate to destroy anyone who gave it cause to remember the past.

“Please… forgive me!” Meddhi shouted as he closed his eyes, praying to the Gods for survival.

The dragon slowly shook its gigantic head, then replied, “No, I think not. You are one of those dragon hunters, aren’t you? Did you believe you could take my hide and parade my claws around your village, showing everyone your supposed power? Who do you think you are?!”

About to rip Meddhi in half with its magnificent teeth, the dragon stopped short when he heard, “I am not a hunter!”

Cocking its head in curiosity, it slowly replied, “What are you then?”

Meddhi opened his eyes and said, “I… I don’t know anymore. I used to be a priest, but now… I’m not sure.”

The dragon laughed into the misty snowfall, then squinted its violet eyes. “I don’t believe you. No one comes to this mountain without intent to kill. You, my sad excuse for a man, are a terrible liar! Now, make amends with your Gods, for you are about to meet them!”

In a flash, Meddhi saw only one face before his eminent death, and she was crying tears of regret.

If only I had told her what was in my heart…

Extract from The Dragon Warrior of Kri: A Shiva XIV Story by Lyra Shanti. You can find Lyra on Facebook and Twitter too.




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