A Bite of … Lyra Shanti’s Meddhi

Q1: How do you reconcile spirituality with violence?

Meddhi: That is a difficult question, and something I’ve struggled with all my life. Personally, there is no reconciliation, and never can be. I have witnessed horrors and have experienced my own violence first hand, to the point where I can only pray for forgiveness. The Gods may or may not hear my prayers, but I nonetheless focus my energy on the good I can achieve in this life. I strive to be a loving, balanced man… Even if the violence still lurks deep inside. We can only be the best of ourselves, and I choose to let my spirituality guide my actions, rather than my anger or fear.

Q2: If you could achieve any one goal what would it be and why?

I wish nothing more than to see  my loved ones filled with happiness. In fact, my only true desire is to see those I consider family thrive and grow in their soul’s light. I will always do what is necessary to help my friends and family become strong and proud, for they are my heart and my honor.

Q3: What is your innermost fear and how do you deal with it?

My innermost fear is losing my loved ones. I have already experienced great loss in my life with both my parents and best friend… So it is something I suppose I have grown used to. That sounds strange perhaps, but it’s true. I wouldn’t say I’ve grown cold, though it sometimes feels that way. It is more that I have tried to accept the chaos within the natural order of life. We cannot  fight the calamity that surrounds us any more than we can stop the raging waves of the ocean. Our only hope is to brace ourselves and hold onto the hope in our hearts, letting the storms pass over… Until we once again see the light of the sun.

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