A Bite of Skyla

We get to have a brief chat with Skyla, heroine of the Sky Stone series by Scarlett Van Dijk


Question 1: How do you handle the responsibility of being handed a great deal of power?

I’ll admit that at first I didn’t handle it well. After all, what can one girl do when told she’s supposed to kill the enemy king of a land she knew nothing about? But now I’ve kind of gotten used to my duty as a Sky Guardian, even if I’m not particularly happy about it. I just can’t look away from those that are suffering and I tend to blame myself. Even though I know that, I can’t help it. Aaron says I’m too self-sacrificing and that I always take on the burden myself without asking for help. But if there’s a way I can keep those I care about from getting hurt, then I’d rather put just myself in danger.

My ability to manipulate fire makes most people either awe struck or terrified of me. It depends which side of the River Drell they live on mostly. They call me the Phoenix because of it. My power scares me. It has helped me numerous times, but I also hate it. Some of my friends can manipulate the other elements, they can help to build things. Fire can only destroy. I feel like that’s all I’m good at. Yet, I’m determined to use my power to protect everything I care about!

Question 2: Is there anything or anyone you miss from the twenty-first century?

I miss nothing from my old home. I never belonged there. I felt stagnant, like I wasn’t able to move forward. I didn’t have any friends and my foster mother was focused on trying to ‘fix’ me after the accident that killed my real mother. The only thing I really had was archery practice, but I guess it wasn’t a skill much use in a modern world. I have purpose now and have no reason to go back.

Question 3: What makes you laugh?

My friends make me laugh I guess. But mostly Ellis. He’s a teen trainee mage in the Royal castle. He’s a prankster and likes to invent new things, especially magic devices. He’s super smart but hates history class. I don’t know why because I love history! He’s very eccentric and always manages to make me smile. One of my favourite memories of him is when he borrowed my magic spawn pet, Ilyarahh, because he knew his history tutor was scared of the creatures. The old scholar ran away, I had been surprised he could run so fast! Ellis was so proud of himself I couldn’t help but laugh.

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