Granny Knows Best – Decluttering Gurus

I keep hearing about some woman, called Merry Condom or some such, who appears to have written a rule book for decluttering the home. And people are paying for her wisdom.
What the actual?
One: lots of people like clutter. It makes them feel comfortable.
Two: if you don’t like clutter chances are you don’t have any
Either way this sort of collection of ‘inspirational quotes’ about clutter is the kind of patronising claptrap that has me reaching for a ciggy and a pint of something normally served in shot glasses.
Let’s get this straight. If you like the things you have, keep them. If you don’t like the things you have, get rid.
You don’t need to pay a thin woman with a self-satisfied smirk to tell you that. A fat old woman with a face like a scrotum can do it for free.

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