Fortune’s Fools

It began on the most primitive and insignificant planet in the galaxy and finished at the very heart of galactic civilisation.

It began with the fate of one planet in the balance and ended with the fate of all humanity at stake.

It began as an supreme struggle against the odds and ended with the ultimate gamble.

Fortune’s Fools – Three Trilogies. Nine Books. One Story.

This weekend only you can pick up the first two trilogies (in their single-volume versions) for free.

And you can snag the three individual books of the final trilogy for just 99p/c each.

There has never been a better time to undertake this epic adventure…

Transgressor – Fortune’s Fools first trilogy in one volume.

Haruspex – Fortune’s Fools second trilogy in one volume.

Mistrust and Treason – Book One of Iconoclast, Fortune’s Fools final trilogy.

Not To Be – Book Two of Iconoclast, Fortunes Fool’s final trilogy.

A Necessary End – Book three of Iconoclast, Fortune Fool’s final trilogy.


E.M. Swift-Hook

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