Granny Knows Best – Assumptions

I am old. But I resent being parcelled as:

  • A sweet little white-haired old lady
  • Somebody’s grannie 
  • A person who needs to be invited to Christmas Dinner in case I don’t cook. (On which point what about the rest of the year.)

I am not 

  • miserable
  • lonely
  • prim and proper. 

I did not fight in the war and neither did my unlamented. 

So let’s unpick this. 

Old people were not put on this earth so you could patronise us.

We are here because we ain’t dead. 

And because we like life enough to hang on to it.

F**k you!

You can now have a collection of Granny’s inimitable insights of your very own in Granny Knows Best.

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