Granny Knows Best – Afternoon Tea

I’m ambivalent about the concept, but if we have to do the thing I am very firm in my ideas of what the food should be.

Sandwiches. Tiny. Just acceptable. Cucumber – okay. Cheese – okay. Ham – okay. Not okay: peanut butter, any sort of fish.

Small cakes. Okay.

Scones featherlight. Absolutely essential. Cheese ones with chilli jam. Fruit ones with butter. Sweet ones with jam and clotted cream. In fact, just do the scones. The rest is shite….

Unless. Doughnuts. Never underestimate the joy of a doughnut.

And to drink?

Cappuccino. I fucking hate tea.

Or. Of course champagne. Pink champagne.

You can now have a collection of Granny’s inimitable insights of your very own in Granny Knows Best.

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