Coffee Break Read – Caught in the Lens

The most photographed woman of her generation looked at him politely, and offered a practised smile. It was frustrating, but he chose not to show that, instead he searched for another way to to shake her out of her self-possession.

“Does it not worry you?” he asked in his deep, hypnotic voice. “Are you never a little afraid?”

“Afraid of what?”

“That the old superstition is true, and every time you are photographed you lose a little of your soul.”

She regarded him limpidly.

“Perhaps. Perhaps I have been photographed so often that I am just a graceful shell.”

He looked into the serene depths of her remarkable amber eyes and allowed his frustration to boil over.

“Well maybe I should photograph you like that,” he snapped with sudden viciousness. “As an empty vessel remarkable only for the elegance of its window dressing.”

She made no reply, so he stared again into the depths of his imaging device – looking for something to distinguish his pictures from the thousands of others that flooded the Internet and colonised every glossy magazine on the planet. As he concentrated it seemed to him that those famous eyes grew even wider, and clearer, and that they slowly filled the viewfinder as bit by bit they dragged his soul into the abyss that lurked in their depths. 

He screamed just once, and the woman smiled the secret smile he had been looking for…

©️ Jane Jago 2018

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