Granny Knows Best – Internet ‘Scientists’

Listen to Granny because Granny always knows best!

You know who you are. The boys and girls who do their research via Google as they evacuate their bowels in the mornings.
Which odd behaviour would be no more than your own business if you didn’t immediately fire up whatever brand of antisocial medium that is your particular poison and broadcast your findings as being the words of one with superior knowledge.
They aren’t. And neither are you. Think on.

You can’t cure Covid with infusions of black treacle.
You can’t change people’s sexual orientation by sending them to boot camp.
The royal family are probably not lizards.
Donald Trump did not win the last American election.
Ukraine is not run by nazis.
And it’s highly unlikely that a Covid vaccination is going to render you infertile (even if the rest of the world might wish it did).

In the end it comes down to the old chestnut of internet anonymity. You can sit with your underwear around your ankles and postulate anything you like without fear of consequences.
However. If you had to stand on a soapbox at Hyde Park Corner and defend your opinions against the slings and arrows of ridicule (or thrown missiles), you might have another think.
It’s the same in microcosm if you voice patently under thought and unresearched twaddle in the presence of a group of people in a pub (or wherever you may now meet your peers). Somebody is going to take you up on what you have to say and punches may ensue.

This, therefore, should be your mantra. If you are not prepared to stand naked in front of the world and defend your ‘scientific findings’ with reasoned argument and provable data, it might be a better idea to just finish your crap and get some breakfast without enlightening the world with the half-baked ideas you borrowed from some other eejit!

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