Murder Mystery Monday – The Homeswappers

Murder Mystery Monday celebrates some of the best indie murder mystery fiction that we’ve found. This week we look at The Homeswappers by Adriana Licio

The Homeswappers series is a humorous cosy mystery series set in various locations around Europe from historic Prague to the Highlands of Scotland. As well as the murder mystery itself there is also a wonderful element of travelogue as all the places are clearly known and loved by the author as personal experience of them shines from every page.

Our companions in these adventures are Etta and Dora, two retired teachers who have moved in together to share a house in their Italian island home and who decide to go travelling by home swapping their way around Europe.

Etta is the more classically clever and deductive but Dora has insights and inspirations and can do her share of deduction too. They make a great team, usually supportive, sometimes competitive and on occasions falling out.

And one of the first things they fall out over is Napoleon, a soulful basset hound they encounter in their first home swapping adventure in Rothenburg. Dora knows he is part of the team, the more practical and pragmatic Etta takes a bit more persuading that it is going to be possible to travel with a basset. You can guess who wins this one…

This is a series you can dive into at any point, but is probably best appreciated from either the first home swap The Watchman of Rothenburg Dies or from the series prequel Castelmezzano, The Witch Is Dead where Dora and Etta meet and before Napoleon is a twinkle in their eyes…

For an indie offering these books are very well presented and professional, from the wonderful covers to the immaculate editing, so much so it is hard to guess they are indeed indie. If you enjoy cosy mysteries with a bit of an edge and a good serving of humour and like to have immersively described interesting settings then this is going to be a series for you to enjoy.

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