Murder Mystery Monday – The Malykant Mysteries

Murder Mystery Monday celebrates some of the best indie murder mystery fiction that we’ve found. This week we look at The Malykant Mysteries by Charlotte E. English.

Death’s Detective, by Charlotte E. English, is the first collection of Malykant Mysteries and it introduces us to Konrad Savast, his phantom servants Eetapi and Ootapi, and his friend Irinanda.
Neither Konrad nor Irinanda is what they take care to appear to be on the outside, and neither is completely truthful with the other but they are still a great deal to each other and we want them to become more.

Savast is the agent of The Malykt and dispenses that entity’s justice, as he hunts out murderers and sends them to hell.

Irinanda is an apothecary and also… but no that would be too much of a spoiler. You’ll have to read for yourself.

This series of stories is set in a very well realised world, where our heroes slip between realities as they find and unmask murder at its basest.

The writing is clean and succinct, but never loses the intensity of feeling that Konrad’s plight as the unwilling servant of an unforgiving god engenders.

The stories are multilayered and work as simple murder mystery as well as exploration of the relationship between gods and humans, and humans with each other.

Highly recommended.

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