We’ve done it together, including the fights
When both of us know that we are in the right
The slinging of insults, we each do our half
Til we roll on the floor trying hard not to laugh
It’s the laughter that heals us as much as the rest
As knowing we’ve something that’s stood all the tests
We’ve cried, hand in hand at the side of a grave
And the faith in your eyes is the reason I’m brave
You’ve always been there, understanding too much
But I’d wither away were it not for your touch
So what if the wrinkles have come to your skin
It’s not on the outside, the trick is what’s in
So what if my ass is so wobbly and wide
That you call it the moon, say it changes the tides
So what if the romance went off long ago
We have something better, a truth we both know
We’ve done it together, we’re useless apart
You’re the half of my soul and the whole of my heart

©️jj 2022

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