Corrupted Carols – Twenty

Classic songs for the festive season, cheerfully and irreverently reimagined for you by the Working Title Blog…

(To be sung happily and with spirit to the tune of ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer‘)

I’m standing in the rain dear
Droplets running off my nose
Wind blowing up a hoolie
Soaking through from head to toes

All of the other people
Standing in the long bus queue
Equally wet and sopping
And equally pissed-off too

We hear a diesel engine
Coming up the road to us
Everyone cranes their head round
Hoping it’s the bloody bus

‘No such luck’ a man declares
Looks around to say
‘It’s a bloody tractor folks
Coming on this way’

Red nose the tractor driver
Put his booted foot hard down
Drove through a massive puddle
And all of the bus queue drowned

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