Corrupted Carols – Nineteen

Classic songs for the festive season, cheerfully and irreverently reimagined for you by the Working Title Blog…

(To be sung up tempo and with verve to the tune of ‘Good King Wenceslas Looked Out)

All the family’s sparked out
Now the feast is eaten
Roast ‘taties and brussel sprouts
Left in heaps uneven
Brightly burned the brandy flame
When the pud was served up
But although I can’t complain
I’m so stuffed I could throw up.

‘One more mince pie, help yourself’
That was my undoing
Now I can’t see my feet no more
‘Cos of all that chewing
Washed it down with cherry schnapps
And some fine prosecco
Now I need a good long nap
As the carols e-echo.

Now its least an hour past
Since we all were dining
Memories of that repast
Rapidly declining
Then someone brings in the cake
And we all have slices
Oh yes, a second piece I’ll take
Or maybe three suffices…

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