Dividing Line

Be careful where you draw the line that marks out ‘us’ and ‘them’
The line that cuts those you approve from those that you condemn.
For many who you banish to the far side of that line
Will share with you more qualities than those you did define.
And every time you draw to cut out what you disapprove
You also many other great attributes thus remove
You may condemn a person, a group, a crowd, a throng
Just because one single thing they hold you see as wrong.
But others draw their lines as well and something you once said
Might make them put you on the other side of ‘us’ instead
And those you feel are on your side of your dividing line
Might think that you do not belong and even so opine
When you allow ‘us’ and ‘them’ your worldview to be
That line defines just who you are and cuts you off from ‘we’.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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