Coffee Break Read – Space Combat

Frisson chills fired through his neurons rewarding each spasmodic jerk that twisted the controls in his hand.
“Die ya bastards!”
The three defending Triggalin Type 2s, exploded into space dust.
Dipping round under the belly of the behemoth that hung in space like a pregnant whale, he eased back to flip the Fast-Flight Superstrata Mk.VI onto its side to get the targeting crosshairs perfectly aligned.
Somewhere in that hulking vessel was a woman called Jedrachilla and her lover Box. She had broken one heart too many and now, in the midst of this luxurious cruise she was taking, she would meet her well deserved and long plotted death.
It just meant taking aim for the middle decks where scanners showed the Premier Class cabins and staterooms were located, pulling up the targeting screen, locking on and –
“Ryan? Have you finished your homework yet? Yer dinner’s cooked and the bins need taking out!”

E.M. Swift-Hook

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