Coffee Break Read – Enough With The Romance

‘All those years ago, when you hurried to my rescue. Did you know that you wanted me before you had me?’
‘No. And yes. I knew there was something. But you were fourteen. And then I saw the fierce joy in your eyes as you stood in that pool of blood, and I could no more keep my hands off you than I could fly. What about you?’
Oh I knew. From the moment I saw you I wanted those hands on me.’
‘Only the hands?’
‘As you just reminded me, I was only fourteen years old. The hands were as far as my imagination went.’
He raised himself up on his arms and looked lovingly down at her. She lifted a hand and ran it up and down the sparse blonde down on his chest. ‘You still do it for me all the time, and any time. I hear other women complaining that they don’t fancy their men any more, and it makes me feel so smug.’
‘Me too’ he laughed ‘and lucky.’
She smiled happily, then shoved him off her and sat up.
‘Enough with the romance. Or we’ll wind up arguing, to take the taste of sweetness out of our mouths.’
‘Probably. But it don’t hurt to remind ourselves now and again how lucky we are.’
She grinned. ‘Did you trash my robe again?’
‘Maybe. I’ll get you another.’ He jumped up and rooted in a wooden chest, throwing a furred velvet robe across the room to her.
‘While you are over there can you give cookie a call. I could eat.’
‘When could you ever not?’ But he ambled over to a doorway at one corner of the tent and held a brief conversation with someone on the other side.
He came back to where Ida was shrugging herself into her robe and hauled her to her feet. Then he looked a bit concerned.
‘Do I have to stop dragging you around now?’
‘Baby on board.’
‘Oh. No. Just carry on as normal, Nana says. She says we’ll know when it’s time to slow down. Maybe when I can’t see my feet any more. Until then…’
‘Good. I suddenly had a vision of months with no sex.’
‘Yeah. I had that nightmare too, but having much sex is part of carrying on as normal.’
He laughed and hugged her.

From Billion Dollar Mountain by Jane Jago

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