Mellow September

Season of mists and mellow
The return of the school master’s bellow
And the post-summer holidays ‘Hello!’
As now life resumes again.

Time to start wearing a sweater
Time to feel cooler and wetter
September’s climate is better
Than summer’s hard blazing heat.

Apples on trees ripen brightly
Brambles grow blackberries rightly
Beech nuts and cobnuts fall nightly
September’s own proffered feast.

The sense of well-being is assuring
With this month the year is maturing
And winter we’re not yet enduring
Indian summer may come.

E.M. Swift-Hook

One thought on “Mellow September

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  1. I like this autumnal reflection very much. The only part that slightly grates is the second line reference to loud-voiced male teachers. The stanza structure is subtle and clever and carries the theme of the changing of the year with remarkable effect. Congratulations and admiration.


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