The Rabid Readers review Adam’s Witness by J.C. Paulson

When journalist Grace Rampling falls over a corpse in a darkened church, she opens the door to a world of different possibilities.

Who killed the bishop?

Why is Grace herself attacked?

What is it about Detective Sergeant Adam Davis that sets her blood singing in her veins?

The answer to these questions is skilfully revealed strand by strand in a well-written mystery that’s a surprisingly easy read – for all the issues it deals with.

Grace and Adam are engaging and we quickly want them to find their answers and their happy ever after.

With just enough red herrings to keep the mind engaged as well as the emotions I’d heartily recommend a not-quite-cozy mystery.

Four fat stars.

Jane Jago

A Great Start To A New Whodunit Series

Grace Rampling, reporter at the StarPheonix in Saskatoon, finds herself uwittingly first a key witness in a murder case and then the potential victim of attempted murder. DS Adam Davis has to solve the case whilst grappling with his real attraction to the woman who seems to be at the heart of it.

Adam’s Witness by J.C. Paulson is a great police based murder mystery bringing together the investigative talents of a journalist and a police officer. The two main characters are really worth getting to know and I look forward to meeting them again in future books in the series. They are ably supported by a very well written supporting cast.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book aside from two aspects of it. The first being the fact that the author seemed to equate signs of poverty and deprivation with being criminal – the bad guys smell, are poor housekeepers, struggle to form relationships and have mental and physical health issues. I find reinforcing such stereotypes very sad. I also wished the author would realise that when in conversation with one other person, people do not keep saying each other’s names. That broke my reading immersion over and over again.

Aside from these issues – which are my own preferences and might not trouble another reader at all – this is a well written and enjoyable whodunit and recommended for any who like reading such.

E.M. Swift-Hook

One thought on “The Rabid Readers review Adam’s Witness by J.C. Paulson

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  1. That is an excellent review, A perfectly served ‘sh!t sandwich.’
    A generous slice of praise, then a lesson for the writer that they’d be well advised to take on board. Followed by another good slice of praise. This is how reviewing should be done.

    And congratulations to J.C. Paulson for what is obviously an excellent book 🙂


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