Coffee Break Read – The Piranha

For the next few weeks I was about as busy as barely five feet of woman can be, and it culminated in me having to make a flying visit to Silicon Valley. And that was a real crock of shit. I arrived back in the proper world one Sunday lunchtime, to find Mum waiting at the station. She gave me a big hug and a worried look.
“What? Do I look as bloody as I feel?”
“No, it’s not that. You look okay.”
“What then?”
“The piranha is looking for you.”
I felt my smile turn feral. “I guess another relationship just broke down. Bar-steward.”
Mum looked so worried that I had to put my arms around her.
“Don’t you worry. I can handle him. And I don’t even have to worry about the Sight. He’s so shallow that there’s nothing to See. Also there are some things about him that are most enjoyable.”
She blushed and I gave her a little shake.
“Not just that, dirty girl. Although…”
And we wound up laughing. She drove me home and I fell into bed. I have seldom been as glad of anything as taking my foot off and getting horizontal.
Oh yeah. The foot. I don’t suppose we’ve covered that yet. I was born without a left foot. See. I told you you’d have to pay attention.
Anyway, I have a prosthesis, and very few people are even aware of my little problem. It isn’t a big deal, but after three consecutive flights and a train journey, I’d right about had enough.
I slept for getting on for a whole day and awoke refreshed but stinky. I opted for the whole whirlpool bath deal with bubbles and stuff and I’d just climbed out when I heard a key in the front door.
“Anybody home?”
It was Danny, my cleaner and a good friend.
“Yeah. I’m in the bathroom.”
“Okay. Will I make you some breakfast?”
And I heard him clumping up the stairs. By the time I reassembled myself I could smell bacon and coffee. Dan was in the kitchen, in a particularly fetching apron, just dishing up bacon and scrambled egg.
“Thanks mate. None for you?”
“No. I had waffles and bacon and maple syrup this morning already. When did you get home?”
I sat down and tucked in. “Yesterday” I said around a mouthful. “Scuse. I’m starved.”
He grinned and sat opposite me with a coffee. “Okay. You fuel up and I’ll talk.”
“Guess who’s back in the field?”
I quirked an eyebrow, although I actually had a very good idea.
“The delicious doctor. Seems his latest relationship went tits up.” I shrugged and Danny continued. “This time it wasn’t him by all accounts. Came home too early and found her taking private lessons with her personal trainer. Is alleged to have blacked PT’s eyes for him, then thrown her out bag and baggage on the spot. Suze says he rubbed it in by calling her a cab, and paying the man to take her home to her mother.”
I could feel myself grinning.
“The biter bit then.”
“Indeed. But what about you. Gonna take him back?”
“I expect so. But it is only sex you know.”
“You sure about that?”
“Am. He and I understand each other very well.”

From Jackdaw Court by Jane Jago.

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