The Rabid Readers Review: The Silk Thief by Claire Buss

The Rabid Readers Review: The Silk Thief, by Claire Buss

A Welcome Return to Roshaven

What happens when someone low and despicable and with the contacts and tricks to do so, tries to take over Roshaven? Well with the likes of Ned and Jenni on the prowl you can guarantee the evildoer will have their work cut out. Meanwhile Jenni is coming to terms with her coming of age, Ned is having nightmares and Fourteen is seeking inspiration for a new name…

The Silk Thief is the second full-scale novel in the Roshaven series – although there have been shorter glimpses into this wonderful world out already – so button up and hang on tight for the ride.

As always there will be chuckles and chills, high drama and high jinks and right to the end you’ll be wondering just how it is all going to play out.

If you loved The Rose Thief you will not want to miss out on The Silk Thief, it has all that the first book has, but more and better. Friendship, magic, humour, romance and heroism. What is not to like?

E.M. Swift-Hook

When the bad guys want everything, what do you do?

Fourteen needs a name, Jenny’s struggling with puberty, and Ned’s having nightmares. Add the complication of magical inheritances and Ned’s nasty brother and you have a bubbling broth of fun and frolics.
The story is cleverly plotted and draws you into a world of magic and ambition, where the good guys have their backs against the wall and the bad guys are as bad as they can be.
Roshaven doesn’t disappoint and I defy anybody to stand at the top of this roller coaster and not take the ride.
Don’t read this book because you love Terry Pratchett and the Discworld, read it because you love Claire Buss and Roshaven.

Five big fat stars and a huge recommendation.

Jane Jago

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