Granny’s opinions – not up for discussion: Invented Languages

Invented Languages

Before anyone gets all hypercritical on me, yes, all language is invented.


We have quite a few world languages already. Roughly 6,500 according to Mister Google. So why do people keep on trying to add more?

This is certainly not a new phenomenon, my researches have found Lingua Ignota which was first seen in twelfth-century documents.

Then we can gloss over a few centuries to the genesis of Esperanto – which was going to resolve all the world’s communication problems.
Did that happen?
All it did was add another nail to the coffin of linguistic simplicity.

To explain my irritation further; a number of invented languages are referred to by the intelligentsia as being a posteriori – that is to say that they came about backwards. I groped around with this concept for a while before deciding that it means a book/film/television series has, as part of its storytelling, a race or species that probably speaks a language of its own. Which is fair enough.
Until. Some person with too much time on their hands invents a language for the aliens/ape men/insects/unicorns.
That’s where it just gets weird.
Can we stop it.

This is one of those areas in life where being able to do a thing doesn’t make doing the thing sensible.

Remember the term a posteriori is taken from logic and refers to reasoning that determines cause by its effects. Which can lead to some interesting conclusions. As an example, the fact that sunrise often follows the crowing of cockerels could be extrapolated to mean that cock crow causes the sun to rise. Equally, then the ‘fact’ that Johnny Alien probably doesn’t actually speak American English could be extrapolated to mean that somebody needs to study Johnny Alien’s native tongue – except, of course, that Johnny Alien is fictional…

I rest my case and I am now going out into the rainy garden to smoke 20 Gauloises and drink a litre of Pernod – so that one could reason in an a posteriori manner that I only wrote this because I was wet, drunk, and smoke dried.

It doesn’t matter what you think – this is Granny’s opinion and it’s not up for discussion!

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