The Rabid Readers Review: Rocky Road to Love by Cindy Tomamichel

Rocky Road to Love by Cindy Tomamichel

The Past Meets The Future in The Present

I’m not much of a one for romance books but I do find the occasional dive into the genre to be a worthwhile diversion and this is a good example of that.
In her fascinating ‘Druid’s Portal’ series, the author is very much committed to the theme of men from the past and women from the present getting together – and in an odd way this is an extrapolation of that theme, only here it is the man obsessed with the past (an archaeologist) and a woman obsessed with the present/future (a prospecting) geologist.
Sandra is trying to save the town of Broken by finding a new source of mineral wealth in the surrounding desert, but Max is there to make sure that in doing so the mines don’t destroy any precious archaeological traces. It all plays out against the backdrop of the vast and harsh Australian landscape and with the warmth and tenderness of true friendships, love and betrayal.
The writing is excellent, the story is classic romance and the characters are a perfect fit for the plot and setting.
If romance is your thing, you should snag this right now, sit back, relax and be transported to the Outback.

E.M. Swift-Hook

This classic love story is redolent with the harshness of its desert setting whilst at the same time celebrating the twin values of love and friendship. A feisty heroine and a hero with issues have a lot to overcome on their rocky road.
Our heroine searches for her grandfather’s legacy, but this could put her in direct conflict with the hero who mistrusts her motivation.
Of course our archetypal hero and heroine fulfil their destiny, but they do have to overcome a lot of misunderstandings to get there.

Four stars and recommended for lovers of romance.

Jane Jago

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