Granny’s opinion – not up for discussion: Goggling the box

Goggling The Box

A television programme – no a series, sorry several series of television programmes – dedicated to watching people watching television programmes.
What the actual?
Me and Gyp looked on in disbelief as the ‘stars’ did random things like cutting their toenails, trying to train a puppy, attempting the splits, eating face cream by mistake because it was in the fridge, all while allegedly watching a selection of the ‘best’ tv.
There was screaming, crying, sarcastic comment, political pontification, and a goodly amount of deeply disingenuous thickness.
As entertainment I suppose it has its moments, albeit usually provided unintentionally – when the ‘stars’ misinformed opinions are so funny as to make one weep, or when domestic friction rears its ugly head in front of the tv screen.
Otherwise it has all the allure of watching paint dry.
It is not a ‘social experiment’ any more than Big Brother was, although this has got to have been a lot cheaper to make. No sets to construct, no audience to be bussed about the landscape, no shouty presenter to pay. The only common denominator is a single voice over – just in case we can’t work out what the feck is going on.
One can see the appeal to its creators cheap programming offering the allure of the knowledge that something will go wrong every time.
This is Schadenfreude tv at its most opportunistic.
But Gyp likes it. He rather fancies a punch up with the Rottweilers….

It doesn’t matter what you think – this is Granny’s opinion and it’s not up for discussion!

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