Jane Jago’s Guide To Some of the More Common Internet Acronyms

You thought you knew what they meant? How wrong you were. Never fear, Jane Jago will set you straight!

AFK – After (I) Finish Knitting or Ah’m From Kentucky
ASAP – As Stupid As Pi**
BRB – Burping Refried Beans
BTW – Bugger The Weather
DM – Disoriented (by) Music
FAQ – Friend Ate (all the) Quality street
FTFY – For Treats Frozen Yogurt
FYI – Feet (with) Yellow Infestation
G2G – Gesticulating to Grandma
IMHO – In Movies Hopeful Orphans
IRL – Indoor Reared Lettuce
LOL – Lizards On Lockdown
MFW – Mowing Flowers Wilfully
OMDB – Oh Mother Dat’s Bad
OMG – Overly Malicious Grandmothers
OTL – Obvious Treacle Latitude
PITA – Place Inside The Ambulance
PITR – Pig In The Road
RT – Reduced Telemetry
TBH – Terrific Blonde Hairdo
TLDR – The Laundry Didn’t Rinse
TTFN – Terribly Tiny Fork (and) kNife
TNTL – Translation Not Terribly Likely
TTYL – The Tradesmen Yodel Loudly

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