Jane Jago’s Drabbles – Four Hundred and Ninety-Three

Noodle stood scratching his head.
“Sup Noodle.”
Scrappy peered shortsightedly at his chum.
Noodle pointed excitedly.
“Look there.”
“Look where?”
Noodle ran across the lawn, dragging Scrappy behind him. He stopped beside a molehill.
“Look. Wassat?
He pointed a shaking finger at something glinting in the earth.
Scrappy’s pointed nose stopped a scant inch from the shining. He grinned.
“Whatjer fink it is Noods?”
“Is it a trapped star?”
Bertha appeared like magic.
“No it ain’t. It’s the gagement ring Missus Bigger lost last summer. You dig it up and put it on the patio. She’ll be pleased.”
Noodle dug.

©️jj 2021

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