It’s okay

It’s okay to miss me alone in the night
It’s okay to sometimes cry
It’s okay to think that it doesn’t seem right
That we never did say our goodbye
It’s okay to mind me and wish I was here
And it’s even okay just to moan
But you have all your life all the days and the years
I don’t want you to live it alone
Please pick up the pieces of everyday things
Of friendship and laughter and fun
Wherever I am I will still hear you sing
Nothing’s over because my time’s done
And if you in your turn need the sound of just me
To lift you when days are too long
Just come out in the garden, that’s where I will be
Where you might catch a snatch of a song
And however long I will wait in this place
Wherever this place it may be
For the day I can put my two hands on your face
And once more you will walk next to me

©Jane Jago 2021

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