A Rabid Reader Reviews – The Fortune’s Fools Saga

I have never tried to review nine books in one go before, but this trio of triplets is too good not to shout about.
We begin in the harsh world of Temsevar, where life is cheap and people trade whatever they have and whoever they have in their power. It is a place of warlords and ambitious underlings.
It is a place more for endings than beginnings.
Here is where we meet the two threads that wind their way through all nine books: Avilon who is a warrior, soldier, thinker, and perhaps ultimately a sacrifice. His character echoes across the interwoven stories, but he is not a hero in the traditional mode. He is rather one whose actions are sometimes heroic, and sometimes not.
And then there is Durban Chola whom one might term the eminence grise of the whole piece.
Who is Chola? What is he? Is he as amoral as he seems or is there a deeper meaning to his actions? What is he striving for? And do we even have the stomach to find out?
The harsh reality of the lives lived in these pages and the normality of casually brutal acts reverberate through the whole oeuvre like thunder in the next valley.
Those who become part of Chola’s quest leave deep footprints in the mind of the reader, and we are sometimes left hoping that they will at least find their ‘happy for now’ when their usefulness has been devoured by the great plan – which I can’t talk about without a bucket of spoilers, suffice it to say it’s a biggie.
So there we have it. Nine books leading us to a Necessary End.

This is space opera with bells on. Never mind ‘the fat lady’ Fortune’s Fools will have you waiting for the universe to sing!

Jane Jago

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