Armchair Worrier?

Don’t give me fabled glory or a great heroes life
I’ll settle for a muffin and a nice cup of tea
There’re those who like to spend their time in ongoing strife
I’ll just take the peaceful path, that’s the one for me.

I’m happy to applaud those who stand up for the rest
Without them we’d never have the freedoms we enjoy
But I’m not the kind to march on streets or to beat my breast
I’ll have another coffee please, a sweet latte with soy

Of course I care about the world, I live in it too, you know
I’ll sign all your petitions and support your right to march
Though my philosophy is to go with, not fight, the flow
But right now I need a cuppa, before my lips do parch

I’ll click your links and semaphore my virtue to the world
I’m the one who holds the towel in your fighting corner
I’ll cheer you on the telly with your protest signs unfurled
Then I’ll say how nice it is the weather’s getting warmer.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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