The Rabid Readers Review – What She Said by A. M. Leibowitz

The Rabid Readers Review What She Said by A. M. Leibowitz

This modest collection of six stories (and one poem) does exactly what it says on the tin (cover) offering a variety of women-centred short fiction.

There is a gentleness about most of the stories and the prose is cleverly descriptive.

Two highlights for me were: Between Us and the Penguins, a story of misunderstanding and reconciliation, and Wishin’ You Were Here a fresh and delightful take on the theme of wedding nerves.

This little book gets four and a half stars rounded up to five and a sincere recommendation.

Jane Jago

A Cracking Little Collection!

This is a really great collection of short stories all on the theme of relationships and focusing on relationships between women. It is warm hearted and genuine and has life lessons for us all, but will particularly appeal to LGBTQ folk.

It is superbly well written and each story is a near-perfect cameo scene taken from lives that feel full, real and well-rounded.

What I loved about it most had to be the characters. After the first story I wanted to know more about the lives Drea, Alice and Junie and the same with Addie and Jenna, Penny and Regina… you get the picture. My favourite characters though were Barbara and Dottie who combined warmth, wisdom, humour and humanity.

This is a wonderful book about the human heart and a reminder that, as always, that which divides is is as nothing to that which unites us as human beings.

E.M. Swift-Hook

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